Greeneville Tennessee
                           Greeneville Tennessee


Old Harmony Paranormal Research (OHPR) is a dedicated team of research and investigative professionals of paranormal studies founded by Michael C. Kelley in 2012, based out of Greeneville Greene County Tennessee.

Michael's interest in unexplained events led him to develop a research group committed to helping individuals, families, and oraniztions by presenting truthful evidence of otherwise unexplained occurences.

Passionate in our work, the OHPR family works respectively of its human and spiritual clients as a non-profit organization, (we do not charge our clients for investigations), to research record, and document the orgin of either real world or paranormal events. 

Old Harmony Paranormal Research has performed investigations of several well known places such as

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Old South Pittsburg Hospital

 Waverly Hills

St. Albans Sanatorium

Nickerson Snead Home

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary


As well as several private residences.


OHPR conducts pre-investigative research of the property and surrounding area to gather as much information as possible.  During the actual investigation, we use a variety of non-invasive technology and techniques to gather any form of evidence related, and after careful review, present all findings privately to the client, along with helpful resoultions to the complaint.  Client information is never posted on our wesite and is treated with utmost confidentiality.  





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