Old South Pittsburg Hospital, 2012 Investigation

We had started our investigation on the third floor and being dark and not knowing where we were going it was easy to get turned around up there. Elsie asked a question if there was anyone down the hall and our recorders picked up some noise and we have tried to debunk it to see what it could have been but still a mystery to us.   During our investigation on the third floor we all in the hallway asking questions and seeing if the tall dark shadow would appear.  He never appeared but one of the investigators whispered and asked if anyone heard those heavy footsteps coming from the OR side and then we heard what seemed to be a growl.  That's when we tried to find our way out of there and got turned around and could not remember what door we had come through.  Just remember this was our first investigation.  We did manage to get the growl on audio recording.


3rd Floor
This if from Elsie's digital recorder. Same as Ruth's but a different sound.
Evp 3rd Floor 2 TTU.wav
Wave audio file [3.3 MB]
3rd Floor
This is from Ruth's digital recording.
Wave audio file [2.2 MB]

We went to our next location to investigate and this site was where the nursing home part was.  In one room another Martha lived there and when she died they left all her belongings there, like her shoes, dresses, personal items and a bible.  As we were ready to leave Ruth captured this video.  We were in Martha's room and the door lead to a bathroom and then to another room.  The image in the video looks like a little girl peeping round and looking at us.  We took reading and nothing showed up, but when we said we were leaving it vanished.  Could it had been a little girl wondering what we were doing.

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