A 12-Year-Old Experiencer


The Greeneville Sun article Flying Saucers Said Flying In Greene County, published on July 9, 1947, revealed that Bart Carter, his wife, their 17-year-old son Eugene Carter, 14-year-old son Edmond Carter, and some neighbors of the unincorporated Romeo Community, including Dale and Bee Kite, and Mrs. Robert Hardin, observed


Several bright streaks of light appearing in the sky from the east. According to their story, the lights, after moving back and forth in the sky, in a southward direction, would suddenly turn, at which time round objects were seen. The objects would then disappear. Later the lights would again appear and the same procedure would take place. They said they saw fifteen or twenty of the “disks” which appeared during a period of approximately thirty minutes.


It's possible that they were drawn to one of the eyewitnesses. The article explains that also present was the “12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Conduff, who claims she saw three of them over Greeneville about two weeks ago”.


The young girl went on record saying that the ones she had witnessed had “appeared from the north at about [9:00 PM]. She said she noticed in the sky three yellow and red objects about the size of a washing machine”.

Cross Anchor Convenience Center UFO


According to the National UFO Reporting Center, on February 9, 2008, around a dozen people, attending the gospel music concert at the center at 1299 Holly Creek Road, watched in amazement as, for eight minutes, and in clear conditions, a triangular UFO hovered silently in the air near a high tension tower.

The Mysterious Lights of Camp Creek Bald


In The Greeneville Sun July 9, 2009 article, Three Observers Aren't Sure What They Saw Monday, staff writer Bill Jones documents that Carl, a retired police officer from Florida, and Pauline Petsel, of Birds Bridge Road, photographed a fast-moving, fiery object one night moving in a southern direction, along Camp Creek Bald, which straddles both Tennessee and North Carolina.


The photographs were enhanced by Jim Feltman, a photographer at the newspaper, who suspected that it was a meteor. However, Pauline disagreed, going on record to say:


When I first saw it, it looked like it was on fire," she said, noting that the object appeared to her to have dropped vertically toward the earth before making a sudden "right turn" and speeding away toward the Asheville Highway (Tennessee Route 70 South).

The friend that was with them, Patti Ritter, was also sited in the article:


She described the object as being orange in color and noted that it appeared to have "flames on it toward the bottom."


The publication made other residents feel comfortable enough to come forward with their own sightings in and around the same time, and on July 11, the article Objects In The Night Sky: Maybe Air Balloons? was published.


The enhanced photos were reviewed by Dr. Donald Luttermoser, an East Tennessee State University astronomy professor, who concluded that the photos were not of a meteor, but speculated it could have possibly been a flare dropped by a military aircraft during some sort of training exercise. Others were not convinced by his conclusion.


Peter Hasterlik and his wife, residents of Heavens Gate Lane, said that they had also seen something strange in the skies on the same night that the photographs were taken. They described seeing a bright, white object moving between Camp Creek Bald and Meadow Creek Mountain. They explained that the light suddenly shot straight up, and vanished into the sky.


An Ebenezer Road resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told the newspaper that she had seen “orange and white, balloon-like, objects in the night sky along the mountains that mark Greene County's border with North Carolina” for the passed six years, prior to the articles publication.


Angie Hopson also reported that she and her husband, of Wayland Drive, as well as another couple, had seen seven bizarre hot air balloons, glowing orange, moving toward the Bald a few night before the photographs were taken.

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