St. Albans Sanatorium, 2016 Investigation


Left to Right:  Michael, Tammy H, Tammy G, Teresa, Robin M., Myra, Bob, Ruth, Mary Sue, and Della Sue

We checked in and our guide gave us a tour of St. Albans.  We first started in the electro therapy room where Ruth felt something brush against her leg and she told it to stop and it kept brushing her leg.  When we got where it was well lighted, she checked her leg and her leg had red marks where whatever it was brushed up against her leg.  

We proceeded to the basement area where the bowling alley is (yes a bowling alley) and the location of the boiler room.  It’s been told that no women should go into the boiler room by themselves.  We stood there and was listening to our tour guide and Tammy H. decided that she wanted to venture behind the boiler and next thing I seen her in a hurry going out the door.   While looking at the bowling alley, Myra and Tammy G. were walking down the alley a little bit and Tammy G. said that she felt that something at bit her on the neck.  We left that location and toured the rest of the place.  

When returning back to our staging area.  Tammy H. told us that she had went behind the boiler and her back started to burn and she felt real uncomfortable there so that is why she hurried out the door.  We checked her back and she had red marks all over her back and there was no way that Tammy H. could have done that to herself.  Very interesting, cause whatever was there did not like her being in that area and I guess that is why they told us “No women should not go in there by themselves”.  We all discussed what we felt and how we feel about the place.  Tammy G.  told us what happened in the bowling alley and her neck had a dark scratch mark.  She did have a neckless on with a cross.  The marks looked like the neckless was being jerked off her.  This all happened doing our initial tour of St. Albans.


When you walk inside of St. Albans, it's like a maze and a lot of steps to walk up and down.  Some are wide and some are very narrow, but that what gives it the mysterious feelings and view.  Your mind just wonders how staff and residents of St. Albans could get around and not get lost like we did.


We always say a protection prayer before we start any investigations and end with a closing prayer, but everything that happened in the tour we did not say the prayer.  When we started the investigation we did open with a prayer and started our investigation.  I can say we did have some things happened but nothing like what happened in the tour.  When we were investigating the Alcoholics Ward, I was in the center of the room and Robin M. said that there was something behind me, er and her husband Bob saw it with the camcorder. When I reviewed it the camcorder had shut off.   Very interesting!  What could it have been?  The security staff there said that there were a lot of orbs in that room when we were investigating there and they saw a door open.  


As we adventured on up to the attic where it has been told that a young lady hung herself in the bathroom and that is what they call the suicide bathroom.  We used the ovilus and ghost radio app on our phone.  We did ask questions and did get some responses back, but some of them answers made no sense at all.  We journeyed down to the 2nd floor and went into Jacobs’s room; this room was where Jacob was murdered in.  There were toys that other investigators had brought in for trigger items all over the floor.  Bob, Robin M, Tammy G., Teresa G, and myself in this small room started asking question if Jacob was there.  We did not get any responses back but we had found a small ball and rolled it towards the back of the room.  When we did ask more questions, the ball came rolling down and went towards the closet.  We did not have any video of this but we do have the recording of the balling rolling towards the closet.  We looked to see if the floor was level or not and that is call debunking.  Anytime you see, feel, or something happens you try to debunk it to see what could have caused it.  The floor was uneven but the ball stayed in that one place for a long time before it rolled.  Could it have been Jacob telling us that he was there or could it have been another spirt wanting to communicate or play with us? 


The time was 4am and our time had run out for the investigation, we packed up our equipment, gathered our thoughts and then we had to say goodbye to St. Albans.  When we got outside, we did say our prayer and thanked all the spirts for letting us be there and not to follow us home.  St. Albans is a large place and we did not investigate the whole place.

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